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18 October 2007


Manchester Urban Screens Screenings

Manchester Urban Screens provided an interesting set of 3 differently positioned Urban Screens for public Art screenings for 4 days, October 11.-14. The temporary LED Screen at Urbis, Cathedral Gardens served as creative backdrop for peoples engagement with the screenings like the project "Flag Metamorphoses" and "Circulez Y'A Rien A Voir". "D.I.Y Ballroom" inspired amateur dancers to take over the floor spontaneously as feathers and bow ties were handed out.
"Man with a Movie Camera" is continuously inviting people to send in their own interpretations of the Vertov classic, which are juxtaposed with scenes from the original and was first shown at Manchester Urban Sreens.
"A Wall is a Screen" took the viewer onto a citytour with its mobile projection equipment, stopping at previously unnoticed locations for the screening of localised footage.

More images from Michelle on Flickr


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