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24 August 2013

SCREEN CITY FESTIVAL on tour - Screening in Ceresole Reale

After making a stop in Berlin at the 48h Neukölln Festival in June and in Riga at the Waterpieces Festival as part of the program ”City as context”, the Screen City Tour has been reaching Ceresole Reale. For this place in the mountains we have chosen to show "Borders and Migration" and the video "Evighetens Avkom" creating a confrontation between a wild panorama of remote landscapes and the theme of migration. See the photos of the Vernissage in the woods!

10 May 2014

SCREEN CITY FESTIVAL on tour in 2014

In 2014 selected art pieces of the Screen City Festival section “Neighbourhood Projections – Screen Passage” will go on tour to different places around the globe such as Berlin, Riga, Ceresole Reale, Aarhus and Melbourne. The aim is to explore the effect of our art screenings in diverse public contexts and surroundings.

12 March 2014

SCREEN CITY FESTIVAL 2013 - the documentationa and a prize!

Screen City Festival 2013 won the Stavangerprisen by Natt&Dag as 2013s best artevent in Stavanger! Have a look at our documentation of the Festival with lots of images and videos.
Also the Screencity Journal #4 of our partners Screen City Lab is online! It gathers the proceedings of our symposium "Spaces, Images, Communication: Improving New Urban Models" in the framework of Screen City Festival 201.

23 Oct 2013

SCREEN CITY FESTIVAL 2013 - Shaping Public Space

Screen City Festival 2013 is approaching! In Stavanger we are "Shaping Public Space" trough "Moving Cityscapes" from 25.10- 2.11. 2013. Now the complete catalogue of the festival is downloadable here (1.1MB Pdf)! We present you video art, animation, creative data visualization, projection mapping and participatory urban media interventions as well as a symposium.

12 Feb 2013

SCREEN CITY FESTIVAL 2013 - Call for short video and animation

Screen City (25.10- 2.11. 2013) is a new festival dedicated to the moving image presented in public spaces, on the city`s facades, shop windows and urban venues, enlightening and changing the vision of the urban context of Stavanger." Under the motto Shaping Public Space - Moving Cityscapes we are looking for Video art / animation / visualization (max 5 min) and presentable without sound, to rethink, imagine, visualize, animate, transform cityscapes.

Submission form

25 Oct 2012

Dancing Hands at Share Festival - 30.10.-11.11. 2012

"Open Your City" is the guiding theme for the Share Prize 2012 and Piemonte Share Festival, opening it's exhibition on 30th October, 6:30pm at the Regional Museum of Natural Science in Turin. Mirjam Struppek contributed and curated the program"Dancing Hands" with a participatory "Citylightsorchestra" and 12 short videos for an Urban Screen and the Quadrisphera, a kind of "Globe Screen"!

29 Aug 2012

15. Bauhaus-Farbfest 2012 – 30.08.-01.09. 2012

This year the Farbfest at the Bauhaus in Dessau creates a "Gesamtkunstwerk" experimenting with transformations of Sound and Light. The program features indoor and outdoor live performances and interactive installations. Everytbody here is warming up for the opening on Friday 19:00!!

23 May 2012

Share Prize 2012 – Open Your City - Deadline 06.06.2012

Piemonte Share is announcing a new edition of the Share Prize, to discover, promote and support art in the digital age. 'Open Your City' is this years guiding theme. Six finalists will be invited to take part in the 8th Share Festival, held in Torino from 30th October to 11th November 2012. Jurymembers are: Simona Lodi, Carlo Ratti, Bruce Sterlin and Mirjam Struppek.

15 May 2012

Remediating Urban Space Symposium, Plymouth - 6.Juni

Image credit: Mark Shepard

Remediating Urban Space: Exploring Design Responses: Wednesday 6th June 2012, 10.00– 16.30 at Plymouth University, UK, organized by the School of Architecture and i-DAT. Keynote: Mark Shepard, University of Buffalo. Session 1: The ‘internet of things’, social memory and networked objects. Session 2 Urban screens, urban public space and participation. Booking is free, and can be made by emailing artsresearch /at/


11 November 2011


Public Talk and Surrey Urban Screen exhibition: Electric Speed

Surrey Urban Screen of the Surrey Art Gallery is is organizing a Public Talk with Mirjam Struppek about the "Growing Global Phenomenon of Urban Screens Builds Community" on December 2, 7pm at SFU Surrey, Canada (Westminster Savings Lecture Theatre). It takes place in conjunction with the Surrey Urban Screen exhibition "Electric Speed" curated by Kate Armstrong and Malcolm Levy.

11 October 2011


Set in Concrete - Urban Screening in Paris by PvonK

From 20-23 of October 2011 the Urban Screenings "Set in Concrete", curated by PvonK with support from Mirjam Struppek a.o.will take place on the oldest outside concrete wall of Paris situated right next to the Seine (see image). Daily screening at 7pm. It is hosted by Cité de la Mode et du Design Paris during Chic Art Fair.
Click here to Download Catalogue!


14 February 2011


Art on Public Screens Exhibition 1, Stavanger

i/o/Lab Stavanger presents the exhibition "Dancing Hands curated by Mirjem Struppek presented on 7 urban screens in Stavanger's public and semi public spaces. "Hands are our most precious human tools, reaching out with our sensual desire to touch and create. Their delicate fingers can move gracefully like dancers so their movements can tell us vivid stories about their doings. As means of expression hands enable us to communicate without voice in our sound overloaded modern cities. Urban Screens are a medium that often has to work without sound. In this selection of short films hands are silently speaking to us, becoming dancing symbols for a dream of actively creating, liberating and helping hands. The artists are telling us stories surrounding the image of this powerful tool..."

04 April 2010



MAK Center for Art & Architectureis pleased to present its most ambitious project to date:ÂHow Many Billboards? Art in Stead. This large-scale urban outdoor exhibition debuts 21 newly commissioned artworks, presented simultaneously on billboards in Los Angeles from February - April, 2010.

20 March 2010


HOW MANY BILLBOARDS? Panel Discussions

Ad companies want to add 800+ electronic billboards to Los Angeles.Thousands are up illegally in LA. To whom will you sell your eyeballs? Is public space best used to pump the economy during global warming? As ads switch from intrusive to inclusive experiences, what is their difference from art? How have other cities presented large scale art and contained ad space? Moderating two panels for the MAK Center in conjunction with the exhibition How Many Billboards?, Anne Bray will ponder these questions and more.

- Tuesday, April 6, 7pm, Lecture by Renee Green
- Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 7pm
Panel 1: Visual Rights to the City
- Thursday, April 15, 7pm
Panel 2: The Visual Ecology of Advertising and Architecture
(featuring a.o.

01 February 2010


Media Facades Festival Europe 2010 is approaching

3-4 February 2010
MEDIA FACADES FESTIVAL WORKSHOP 2010 at the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB). The curators, producers and partners will meet to develop the Joint Bradcasting Events starting on 27 August 2010.

2-8 February 2010
MEDIA FACADES FESTIVAL EUROPE 2010 will be presented in the Exchange Future programme at the transmediale.10

A joint initiative by Public Art Lab (Berlin) with FACT (Liverpool), m-cult (Helsinki), iMAL (Brussels) Ars Electronica Futurelab (Linz), Kitchen (Budapest), Medialab-Prado (Madrid)

13 January 2010


"Shared Encounters" - book release

Shared Encounters
Series: Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Willis, K.S.; Roussos, G.; Chorianopoulos, K.; Struppek, M. (Eds.)
2010, XX, 311 p. 49 illus., Hardcover, Springer

Every day we share encounters with others as we inhabit the space around us. In offering insights and knowledge on this increasingly important topic, it highlights the multifaceted nature of collective experience and provides a deeper understanding of the nature and value of shared encounters in everyday life. A valuable reference for anyone designing ubiquitous media, mobile social software and LBS applications, this volume will also be useful to researchers, students and practitioners in fields ranging from computer science to urban studies.

12 January 2010


Urban Screens Toronto 2010, Call for Submissions

Call for Interactive Media and Video Art

Submission deadline: MARCH 1 / 2010

The exhibition I am here; what can we do? is part of Urban Screens Toronto 2010, an international urban screens conference and exhibition taking place between September 24th-30th. Themes include: The meeting point of the real and the virtual; work that incorporates media technology and contemporary building/architectural technology; user-generated content; multi-site, networked projects; work that addresses public spaces and civic engagement. More information here.

27 November 2009


Digital Facade Madrid Workshop: Call for projects

Call for projects:
Open Up is a workshop for the development of projects for the digital facade in Medialab-Prado's building. This call is addressed to the presentation of proposals to be developed during the workshop-seminar taking place in Madrid from February 9 through 23, 2010.

Deadline for proposals: December 10, 2009

Projects presented in this call will have to explore one of the following aspects:

26 September 2009


Urban Screens and Public Space Seminar, Madrid

Seminar about urban screens and public space directed by architect Nerea Calvillo takes place on September 28, 29 and 30. place: Medialab Prado, Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 Madrid.

Follow the live streaming here

With the participation of Mirjam Struppek (Interactionfield), Susa Pop (Public Art Lab), Jeffrey Huang (Media Design Lab), Kim Halskov (Digital Urban Living), Jan Edler and Tim Edler (Realities United) and Keri Elmsly and Alexandros Tsolakis (United Visual Artists).

In order to engage urban screens with public space three main fields of action have been identified:

24 May 2009


Call for Entries: CASZUIDAS Urban Screen Festival

On September , 4-5 2009 a new Festival around the topic of urban screens starts: the first CASZUIDAS Urban Screen Festival in Amsterdam, an initiative of Virtueel Museum Zuidas (VMZ) and stichting Kunst en Openbare Ruimte (SKOR - Art and Public Space). The focal point of the festival is the contemporary art screen CASZ, With its mix of 80% art and 20% art-related programming and advertising. See the call for entries (deadline July 20, 2009)!

17 September 2008


News on the USM08 Public Art&Events Program

Urban Screens Melbourne - Outdoor Program
3-8 October 2008

We have now more details about the public Art&Events Program of USM08 available online. USM08 will showcase creative experiments on urban screens around the topics of today's communities or water. The program is experimenting with a range of different content suitable for urban screens and is programmed to create a lively event enjoyable for a diverse public audience. It consist of four elemets:

- Multimedia Program
- Film Program
- Joint Broadcasting
- Public Poster Sessions

24 August 2008


Public Testscreenings 30.08. - Media Facades Festival

The Media Facades Festival Berlin 2008 presents:

First public testscreening will happen on the rearprojection facade of the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin on the August 30 2008, starting after dawn. We will present first selected artworks produced in the framework of the Media Facades Festival. The final Urban Screenings will take place from October 18 - November 3 2008 on four media facades in the center of Berlin. 24 meda artists and interaction designer will gain temporary use of the facades and one interactive city terminal ito explore their cultural, political and social roles.

08 July 2008


Urban Screens Melbourne 3-8 October 2008

*Collage of Fed Square's large Urban Screen and the unique design of the plaza

Urban Screens Melbourne 08 (USM08) is the third international conference and exhibition of urban screens, following on from the inaugural conference in Amsterdam in 2005 and Manchester in 2007.

The Mobile Publics conference addresses the themes of art, technology and public space, public broadcasting, strategies for urban regeneration, and cross-cultural public networks in the context of Urban Screens. A dynamic outdoor multimedia public program will take place around Federation Square, a unique place where various media tools have been incorporated into a modern public space. It will demonstrate the wide range of possible content for urban screens, ranging from public discussions, live streaming, film, video and animation programs, VJ sets, and interactive art.

Please follow the new festival blog!

22 February 2008


Mediafacades Festival, Berlin 2008

Myths and Potentials of Media Architectures and Urban Screens
Berlin, October / November 2008

The MEDIAFACADE FESTIVAL BERLIN 2008 builds on the successful international Mediaarchitecture Conference held in London in 2007 and will feature an architecture exhibition, a conference and urban screenings on five media facades. The festival will explore the integration of social media and images into facade structures as communicative element and its effect on urban space. It will be the beginning of a long-term urban screens network with the aim to coordinate a creative program for architectural digital surfaces in Berlin.

This Festival is initiated by Public Art Lab and the International Urban Screens Association, in collaboration with Media Architecture Group, Vienna.

21 February 2008


Preparing for Urban Screens Melbourne 2008

In a showcase of international Urban Screen initiatives, Our Friends Are Electric introduces the concept of urban screens to the Melbourne audience in anticipation for the next Urban Screens Conference 3rd-8th October 2008.

From the subways of Paris to electronic billboards in cities such as Toronto, Berlin and Amsterdam, Our Friends Are Electric is a series of projects created specifically for public screens throughout the world. The series will include a range of video art programs in addition to individual artist initiatives created from collective, worldwide contributions.

This project, curated by Kerrie-Dee Johns and Mirjam Struppek, is presented by Federation Square and the International Urban Screens Association - a network of international collaborators ,officially launched during Urban Screens Melbourne 08.

18 October 2007


Manchester Urban Screens Screenings

Manchester Urban Screens provided an interesting set of 3 differently positioned Urban Screens for public Art screenings for 4 days, October 11.-14. The temporary LED Screen at Urbis, Cathedral Gardens served as creative backdrop for peoples engagement with the screenings like the project "Flag Metamorphoses" and "Circulez Y'A Rien A Voir". "D.I.Y Ballroom" inspired amateur dancers to take over the floor spontaneously as feathers and bow ties were handed out.
"Man with a Movie Camera" is continuously inviting people to send in their own interpretations of the Vertov classic, which are juxtaposed with scenes from the original and was first shown at Manchester Urban Sreens.
"A Wall is a Screen" took the viewer onto a citytour with its mobile projection equipment, stopping at previously unnoticed locations for the screening of localised footage.

More images from Michelle on Flickr

08 September 2007


The launch of the Urban Screen at Zuidas

The Virtual Museum Zuidas and SKOR finally launched the urban screen at Zuidas, Amsterdam on October 5, 2007: CASZUIDAS - MOVING IMAGES IN PUBLIC SPACE is starting with highlights of the programme along with a selection of TheOneMinuteVideos and portraits of people in the Zuidas made by students of the Sandberg Institute will be shown. Every day from 6 a.m. to midnight, CASZuidas will show work from (inter)nationally known artists and promising young talent, curated by Jan Schuijren.

11 July 2007


Media Architecture Conference 2007

I'm currently involved as cocurator in this exciting event

On 11th and 12th September Media Architecture 2007 will take place at Central Saint Martins Innovation in central London. Organised by Media Architecture Group in Vienna, the conference will bring together international speakers from the architecture, planning and media communities for the first time to address the increasing integration of new display technologies for building construction. The huge impact of this development for building design and the urban environment will be explored from both theoretical and practical implementation perspectives by leaders in the field. The conference takes place at the same and is co-organised with PLASA, the international lighting exhibition at Earls Court, London.
Speakers & curators include:
Joachim Sauter, Bart Lootsma, Ludger Hovestadt, Realities United, Andrew Shoben, Kari Jormakka, David Cunningham, Mark Dorrian, Hermann Eisenköck, Patricia Austin, Tim Pritlove, Peter Cornwell, Kathrin Kur, Andreas Rumpfhuber, Oliver Schürer, Mirjam Struppek, Jim Thrower, Gernot Tscherteu

07 February 2007


Tag a Tower in Rotterdam

7.2.-10.2. 2007 The Graffiti Research Lab takes conrol of the KPN Building, one of the permanent media facades, turning the area into the People’s Revolutionary Green Laser Light District, a place to display your uncurated animations and graphics. The back-side of the building is becoming a giant wall you can write on with a BFL (big fucking laser). See also their projection bomb and the BORF riot bike in action.

link by Tijmen Schep

28 January 2007


Cardboard beautification of video billboards

"NYCs True Grafiti Problem" is a new project by the Anti-Advertising Agency with Graffiti Research Lab criticising light and visual pollution by hacking NYs video billboards on the subwayentrance with cardboard. Watch the movie and see also Ji Lee’s Abstractor TV instructions for turning video billboards into a piece of Art.

(still from the movie)


"Touch" - an urban interactive light installation

Between December and January a new interactive urban project called 'touch' by LAb[au] transformed the dexia Tower in Brussels. Visitors could interact via a specific multi-touch screen with 4500 rgb light on a 145m high skyscraper to choose their color and to generate graphics which are displayed in real-time on the tower. Visitors also could request to snap a picture which they can sent as an electronic greeting card from the station on the bottom of the tower.

Artists: LAb[au] - ® Dexia + LAb[au]
Architects: Philippe Samyn & P., M & J.M. Jaspers - J. Eyers & P.
Lightning engineer: Barbara Hediger


Billboard ban in Sao Paulo against visual pollution

A callenge against the consumer society, "aiming for a complete change of culture": By a margin 45 to 1 city officials in Sao Paulo, Brazil, have voted to ban all outdoor advertising. From Jan. 1 2007 there will be released as part of the 'clean city' law, against billboards, neon signs and electronic panels.

11 January 2007


Urban Screens in feature films

In the opening sequence of the new movie Children of Men (2006) the glass facades of shopping malls in London in 2027 are coverd with translucend moving images, showing memories of smiling children. Buses are covered with digital adverisement, Head-Up-Displays in ordinary cars. The world has fallen into anarchy due to an infertility defect in the population. No children. No hope. No future. But lots of Screens...

14 December 2006


Belarus library gets an LED facade

The National Library of Belarus in Minsk, is covered by glass panels. During the day all 24 sides sparkle. "Architects Victor Kramarenko and Michael Vinogradov, (... ) wanted to preserve and convey this vision at night. (... ) A total of 4646 color-changing LED fixtures were installed all around the building, effectively creating a monitor with 25x25 meter sides and 62 meters in diameter." (article and image by LEDs Magazine)


Amsterdam arts on the urban video screen at Rembrandt square

14th Dec. was the opening of the new 114m2 screen at the Rembrandt square in Amsterdam. "Mediamatic will show the square what cultural content the city has to offer. The screen will be inaugurated with a live VJ set by Micha Klein"...

Rembrandtscreen in scaffolding

30 November 2006


Projected Weekends in Dublin

Nov. 6th 2006 to Mar. 7th 2007

The Digital Hub will run a series of outdoor projections from their premises in the Dublin 8. The projections will run for the entire weekend Friday 17:00 - Monday 08:30 and each weekend a new piece will be shown.
- This is an open ended call. There is no deadline for submissions.
- All work of any subject and discipline will be considered.
- sound will not be played on the street.
For further details please contact Elaine

05 November 2006


"magical mirrors" playing with the urban audience

Daniel Michelis is currently experimenting with audience participation and reactions to the installation "Magical Mirrors", he is blogging about his observations. "Magical Mirrors" invites the observer in the street to play in front of and with these mirrors at the SAP Facade in Berlin Mitte. Very challenging, it's a tough time for interactions in public space, it got very cold in Berlin these days.

Lots of images on flickr

During the World Soccer Games in summer a WM-Special ran on the installation:

02 November 2006


Colour by Numbers - playing with the facade

Colour by numbers is a 72 meters high light installation at Telefonplan tower in Stockholm, running from October 23 until January 7. By calling a number, +46 (70) 57 57 807 one can control the colours in the windows of the tower by mixing red, green and blue light with the phone. A webcam observes the whole play. (Thanks for the link Christian)

(via we-make-money-not-art)

29 October 2006


Poetic interactive L.E.D mesh structures

The Habitat Hotel is a working scale model of a hotel in Barcelona, by Cloud 9 Architecture . The 'energy mesh' wrapped around it has individual nodes that collect the sun's energy during the day and at night gives off a specific color according to the amount of energy collected. The model's mesh consists of 500 tri-color LEDs controlled by a PIC microprocessor. (via pixelsumo)

Achim Wollscheid's projects redlighthaze and intersite work with a mesh of LED lights covering the facade, recting to the sonic cityscape.

Natalie Bosko's light screens as well cover facades with a reactive LED light net:

23 October 2006


Unintended Textmessage Poetry on Digital Signage

Jonah saw this funny comment on a programable sign in New York. The whole sentence did not fit in, so the beginning of the moral advice "Use of Fake" is missing and thus creating a pretty artistic statement ...

11 October 2006


Cell Phone Disco - interacting with LEDs

Cell Phone Disco is a playful experimental installation made out of flashing cells. They basically consist of one or more LEDs, battery and a sensor that detects electromagnetic (EM) radiation transmitted by an active mobile phone. When the sensor detects EM waves it sets off the LEDs to flash for a couple of seconds. In general the flashing cells are enclosed in a plastic casing on a strap and sold as a fashion accessory for a mobile phone. Fuer die Deutschsprachigen ein Bericht im Spiegel.

thanks Auke!

06 October 2006


DingDotz LED fixtures for the facade of an Austrian bank

More and more media facades are beeing realised using techniques that allow the building's occupants to see out and daylight to enter.
At nighttime the whole first floor of the Raiffeisen Bank in Hollabrunn near Vienna becomes a digital LED screen running the bank's branding and promotions, or any other effect or animation. A light sensor turns the system on and off automatically, according to light levels. LEDs magazine describes the detailed construction and technique.

05 October 2006


Who is the Architect of this media facade?

Timo Arnall came across this facade installation in the centre of Taipei, Taiwan and posted it on Flickr. He sais he really liked that the images stayed the same for very long: they weren't flashing or calling attention. The tree and the face image stayed the same for a whole day....
Does anybody know who the architect is?


Refections about curating time-based art on a video billboard

Michelle Kasprzak writes about her experience curating Transmedia :29:59, the year-long programme of time-based art shown on a video billboard in Dundas Square in Toronto. 1 year, every month 2 artists shown in the 29th and 59th minute of every hour.


Reactive Gap House - LED lightening for narrow building gaps

From 10. Sept. to 19. Nov. at the 10th Venice Biennial for Architecture, ART+COM and architects Hoyer, Schindele, Hirschmueller und Partner will present the Reactive Gap House.

This architectural and media concept study meets the challenge of narrow building gaps overcoming the lighting problem by using illuminated ceilings – LEDs behind opaque glass. Connected to a sensory system, the ceilings react to movement below them. Inhabitants can also control the lighting in accordance to their moods.

04 October 2006


Proximity Games on Big Urban Screens

Imagine a dormant virtual world with four seasons projected individually every week for the public to play with. The 3D inhabitants of the virtual world will come to life and populate the world as soon as they are prompted by the proximity of a Bluetooth signal from a mobile phone.... (Maria N. Stukoff)

See also Marias thoughts on her blog about an Open Mobile Broadcasting Channel

24 September 2006


Lumalive - screens integrated in textiles of shirts and backpacks

Lumalive textiles make it possible to create fabrics that carry dynamic images. Will we soon carry around on jackets and backpacks our selfmade videos or favourites from youtube to share them with the urban public?
See documentation at youtube by Philips

17 August 2006


The Solar Obelisk

Solar Obelisk is teaching people about rewneable resources in an interesting media installation intergrating light and sound using Solar power. Integrating an analogue bench supports the possibility for encounter and exchange in combination with the interactivity occuring through turning the solar panels on the obelique towards the sun and
experimenting with the effect of this on the integrated information displays.


Wind Power LED Displays

The sustainable revolution is proceeding:

quietrevolution display tourbines combine wind energy with LED displays:
"QR is available in a model capable of creating a visual display that is part artwork, part renewable energy device, part communications medium. LEDs embedded in each of its three S-shaped blades fire in sequence as the blades rotate, painting a video screen that appears to hang in the air. This full colour and motion image is clearly visible day and night."

Thanks for the hint Oliver Ionescu!

25 July 2006


A new outdoor digital art gallery in Dallas

The Victory Media Network, a large-scale digital art gallery in Dallas, Texas, announces a new opportunity for filmmakers, digital artists and visual storytellers to show their work in a unique, world-class outdoor venue. Launching in November of this year, they will display publicly-submitted artwork, in conjunction with other media, on 11 LED Barco O-lite screens. Eight of these screens are on horizontally moving tracks an offer a myrid of motion possibilites.

18 April 2006


Bilboard war in Havanna LED screen used for political propaganda

The U.S. Interests Section in Havana inaugurated a Billboard, made of of 25 separate red light panels located in the windowpanes of the 5th floor to spread information or "propaganda" in the eye of Cubans. U.S. diplomats use it for example to flash messages to Cuban protesters.
In reaction Castro ordered to erect a "screen" of flags to cover it and personally visitsed the construction site. People speak of the new Bilboard war....

more images from

30 March 2006


virtual dschungle 5 - talks about Media facades in Vienna

virtual dschungle 5 - Media facades

Location: Architekturzentrum Wien - Podium
Presentation: Wednesday, Apr. 05, 2006, 07:00 pm
Tickets: Free entry!

The harbingers of the media city are cropping up everywhere: projected images the size of an entire façade, huge screens on roof tops and culture buildings used as flickering display surfaces. Developments in the area of display technologies have produced new possibilities for hybrid architecture. The theme of media facades in architecture is not simply the next fashion trend, but represents a step in technological development that will have a lasting impact. This trend will affect the city – with or without architects' collaboration. Therefore the important thing is to assume social responsibility and to integrate the new technologies in building in a culturally ambitious way. For an Austrian architecture scene that likes to experiment the potential of such developments is a highly topical question....

14 January 2006


Jobcentre Plus - information touch-screen kiosks

On my last trip I came across this information touch-screen at Stansted Airport where you can search in a huge job database right when you arrive in the UK. In gives a 24 hour telephone link to the national Jobcentre Plus website and the airport jobcentre. A paper by Markella Boudioni analyses the different use of information touch-screen kiosks

06 January 2006


OpenAir Cinema

Outdoor movies in charming settings has been popular in Berlin for a few years, like infront of the Charlottenburger castle or on the famous "museum island". In Sidney at the Royal Botanic Gardens they go show noe the Flickerfest, international short-film festival outdoors with a "killer harbour view"...

(thanksGeert for the link)

02 January 2006


Suburban Christmas Screens

Exuberant Christmas decorations in remote onefamily house areas are nothing new. Now a house owner started to discover comuter controlled systems for coreograhed, synchronised christmas light annimations, turning the house into a kind of moving screen. Is it really true? here the background... "So that the Williams' neighbors aren't disturbed by constant noise, viewers driving by the house are informed by signs to tune in to a signal broadcast over a low-power FM radio station to hear the musical accompaniment." Mr. Williams has posted instructions for others to follow. and finally made it into a TV commercial.

(thanks Juergen for the hint)

19 December 2005


Screens filling up a 3d volume of space

We are not far from images floating infront of us like minority report showed us ... Newsweek writes about 3d "in-your-face projections" filling up a volume of space. Firms are working on different methods to realise 3d impressions.
The Heliodisplay is not really 3d but it is a device which projects real-time streaming video images into thin air and can be also interactive, allowing a finger to move images around.
... but not yet for outdoor space.
FogScreen develops interactive "walk through screens" using fog as projection surface.


Interactive Panoramas for Club11

Club 11 at the Post CS building, Amsterdam, where we held our conference, continues to used its large screens covering the windows for a participatory screening event. The online community was asked to submitt jpgs of their personal panorama view and was encouraged to integrated name, location and company logo. One method how to make people participate.

Here a submission example :


Holographic screens turn shopwindows into interactive displays

Displax is working on interactive windows based on rear projections and finger tracking. One step closer to an urban space filled with moving images asking for your engagement with the virtual....

(thanks Florian for this link at Future Feeder)


self sustainable analogue pixels for sunny weather

aether architectures new Induction house version4: a programmable space installation made of analogue pixels, each using solar power and radio communication to sense the presence of people. Various scenarios are looking at playful interaction with this screen on the floor.


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