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20 March 2010


HOW MANY BILLBOARDS? Panel Discussions

Ad companies want to add 800+ electronic billboards to Los Angeles.Thousands are up illegally in LA. To whom will you sell your eyeballs? Is public space best used to pump the economy during global warming? As ads switch from intrusive to inclusive experiences, what is their difference from art? How have other cities presented large scale art and contained ad space? Moderating two panels for the MAK Center in conjunction with the exhibition How Many Billboards?, Anne Bray will ponder these questions and more.

- Tuesday, April 6, 7pm, Lecture by Renee Green
- Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 7pm
Panel 1: Visual Rights to the City
- Thursday, April 15, 7pm
Panel 2: The Visual Ecology of Advertising and Architecture
(featuring a.o.

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