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Chairs and Organizer

Jeroen Boomgaard

Jeroen Boomgaard is Professor of Art and Public Space at Gerrit Rietveld Academy/University of Amsterdam. He also teaches at the Faculty of Architecture of Eindhoven Technical University. In 2004 he published a collection of essays on art and public space: A year in the Wild. In 2003 he edited in collaboration with Bart Rutten a book on video art in the Netherlands: The Magnetic Era. Video art in the Netherlands, 1970-1985.

Esther Deen
is an art historian, graduated at the University of Amsterdam with a thesis on the work of Daniel Buren and Ed Ruscha. She works for the Art and Public Space Department which is part of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the University of Amsterdam. She currently organizes the symposium ‘Artist strategies in Public Space’ this Fall in the Stedelijk Museum. She’s also involved in project ‘Suburban Scenarios’ commissioned by Citythoughts Architects.

Geert Lovink
is a Dutch-Australian media theorist and activist. Since 2004 he is associated / research professor at the University of Amsterdam and Hogeschool van Amsterdam and founded the Institute of Network Cultures. He received a PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2003. He is a co-founder of the Amsterdam-based free community network 'Digital City' and the support campaign for independent media in South-East Europe Press Now. Since 2000 he is a consultant/editor to the Waag Society (Amsterdam) and Sarai New Media Centre (Delhi). He is (co)organizer of conferences, festivals, (online) publications and the founder of Internet projects such as Next Five Minutes, Nettime, Tulipomania Dotcom, Discordia, Fibreculture, Incommunicado and Free Cooperation. He published Dark Fiber (2002), Uncanny Networks (2002) and My First Recession (2003).

Sabine Niederer
Sabine Niederer is researcher and producer at the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam. Sabine Niederer graduated in 2003 as an art historian at Utrecht University, with a thesis on manipulated art photography from Dada – now. In 2003, she worked as producer of the international games conference Level Up. From 2001-2004 she worked as curator of Hoogt4, the platform of film-related arts at Filmtheatre ‘t Hoogt in Utrecht. Until recently she taught (media) theory at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Sabine Niederer is one of the editors of the bimonthly film and video program ‘Cinematiek’, and writes music video reviews for the Dutch broadcasting company NPS at

Mirjam Struppek
works as urbanist researcher and freelance consultant in Berlin. Since 2002 she develops the information-platform about new interaction elements for urban public space, which she presented at various events and conferences. After working a year at PLAY_gallery for still and motion pictures, Berlin, she founded 2004 Urban||Resesartch, with a focus on creative urban spaces, public sphere and its transformation and acquisition through new media. Since 2005 she organises the monthly Urban Media Salon in Berlin and is in preparation of starting her PHD at Bauhaus University Weimar. 2002 she graduated in Urban- and Environmental Planning from University Kaiserslautern, where she was also research and teaching assistant during her studies. 1999 she gained a DAAD scholarship and spent two research semester at Nagoya University, Japan.


Bastiaan Gribling
Citythoughts Architects

From 1989 to 1992 Bastiaan Gribling worked at MBM Architects, Barcelona, a.o. on the planning of the Olympic Village. Between 1992 and 2000 he was urban planner for the municipality of Amsterdam, working on plans for the Inner City, Oostelijk Havengebied and IJ-Oevers. 2000 he founded with Rowin Petersma Citythoughts Architects; a multidisciplinary design office covering the field of architecture, urban planning and public design. Besides divers commissions for private and public clients they organise with City Thoughts Foundation, various activities on metropolitan issues. Current Projects: Slow Speed City (on new ways of incorporating highways in urban fabric. Suburban Scenarios (on art in the planning of Dutch Metropolis) and Mediapolis (on the mass media influencing the public realm of the contemporary city).http:/

Rob van Kranenburg
Rob van Kranenburg (1964) is an innovation consultant involved with negotiability strategies of new technologies, predominantly ubicomp and rfid (radio frequency identification), the relationship between the formal and informal in cultural and economic policy, and the requirements for a sustainable cultural economy. Currently he is working part time at Virtual Platform, Dutch policy and network organization for e-culture, as co-director as well as teaching at the Amsterdam Medialab and the HKU EMMA.

Bill Morris
Project Director, BBC Live Event

Bill started working at BBC as a news journalist, moving into radio and TV production and a number of Corporate and Management roles. As Project Director: Live Events, he oversees many of BBC's own major events including concerts, festivals, etc. Recent projects included Live 8, events to mark the anniversary of the end of the second world war, the London Olympic bid and The Queen's Golden Jubilee. Bill and Mike Gibbons have pioneered the use of giant video screens over the last three years extending their use beyond major events into the Public Space Broadcasting network now being established throughout the UK. Bill has held a number of Industry roles including Chair of the UK Radio Academy and serving on a number of committees for the European Broadcasting Union.